Giancarlo Caracuzzo was born in Rome on 15.09.1960.

He works with the largest european and american distribution companies. 

Among his main activities he:

1982/ 2004 for Italian Publisher: S.Bonelli Editore, Mondadori Editore, De Agostini Editore, Granata press, Universo editore, Edizioni Lancio.

2004/2009 for French Publisher: Editions Delcourt, Dupuis, Robert Laffont

2009/20018 for US Publisher: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Wunderman Comics, Image comics, Heroic Publishing, IDW Publisher, Darby Pop , Amiculus tome 1-2-3 with Travis Horseman,

At the time he collaborated with Frew Publications for “Phantom, the ghost who walk “, for Fright Comics on the “Captive” fantasy series, he made the first volume of his character “Simon Blood” and for Wunderman Comics draws the series “Irrational Numbers”